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The Gateway Learning Community

The Gateway Learning Community


Herringham Primary Academy is proud to be a GOOD school.  During our recent Ofsted inspection, 99% of parents said their child was happy and safe at our school. Ofsted said:

Pupils know it is important to respect others. They understand the ‘all different, all equal’ ethos that they learn about in assemblies and through the books that they read. Adults in school model these values which are woven into school life. As a result, pupils have kind and positive relationships with each other and adults. Pupils are helped and encouraged to treat others equally. The school is a calm, warm and friendly place in which pupils can learn.

Herringham Primary Academy is a constantly improving school. Leaders at all levels have high expectations of pupils and what pupils can achieve. Pupils try hard to live up to these expectations. They treat others well, work hard and improve their academic achievement over time.”

Our most recent Ofsted inspection was conducted in May 2022. The report from the inspectors can be found below: 

Click here or on the image to view our Ofsted Report