RECEPTION AUT 1 (465 x 600)

AUTUMN 1 2018

Summer Term 2

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Summer Term 1

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Spring Term 2

Topic: Animals

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Spring Term 1

Topic: An Eye on London

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Autumn Term 2

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Autumn Term 1

Communication and Language

This half term we are going to be talking and writing about ourselves, how we make friends and how important it is for us to work together and share. We will be finding out about who we are and what we like to do and what we are really good at. We are going to be sharing some of our favourite texts: Cleversticks, Owl Babies, Shopping Basket.

Maybe you would like to visit the library to borrow these books and enjoy reading at home!

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We are going to be forming friendships this half term as well as talking about what we like to do at home. We will also be practicing dressing and undressing, which we will do when taking off and putting on our jumpers, coats and all the fun dressing up clothes we have. We are going to be managing our own personal hygiene as well, and trying to remember to always flush the toilet and wash our hands, especially before eating snack or lunch.

Physical Development

We will be concentrating on spatial awareness, to help us when we are walking around our indoor and outdoor classroom- we do not really want to bump into anything if we can help it! We are developing our fine motor skills by taking part in lots of threading, and lots of cutting and sticking. And finally, we are also going to be starting play dough disco towards the end of this half term, when everybody has joined us full-time. We will be practicing writing our names using the correct starting point for each letter.

Please use the name cards we will send home and support your child using a tripod grip.


During Mathematics we are going to be counting houses and making our own street. We will be practising to write numbers and looking at the numbers around us. We are going to be sharing pizzas and thinking about how many pieces we can cut it into to share with our friends. Do they share fruit and treats at home? It would be great if we could begin to use the language of half, quarter and whole to describe the portions.

Understanding the World

We will be continuing to use a variety of construction materials in our continuous play as well as investigating both indoors and outdoors and all the different activities available to us. We will be looking at Autumn changes and the clues that we can find around us e.g. conkers, acorns etc. It would be really helpful if you come across some unopened conkers and bring them into school, so that we can investigate and share these in class. We are exploring our environment using our senses. Please encourage your child to describe what they hear, see, feel, taste, and smell around them.

Expressive Arts and Design

We will be creating self portraits of ourselves. First we will be drawing our faces, and then we will be selecting the materials to create our portraits with. Each term we will be updating our portraits to show how our drawing has improved. We are enjoying making lots of wonderful junk models, especially houses as we have been looking at where our school is and the houses around us.

Please could we borrow a baby photograph of our new children, don’t worry we will return it!

Target Meeting Agenda


Children will be given a book to read at home, during this term. This allows children to begin to feel confident in recognising letters and high frequency words and then enjoy finding them in their new school reading book.  Children should be reading each day and their yellow home reading book must be completed and signed by an adult. Books will be changed once a week. When reading with your child, please ensure you are using the letter sounds (not alphabet names) when you blend the sounds together to read a simple word. We then celebrate this by placing all our children with five reads in the Reading Hall of Fame! Very exciting.

PE Kits

Children must have a PE kit left in school. PE kits consist of a white t-shirt, black shorts and black plimsoles. We take part in physical activities every day, as well as dressing up and removing jumpers etc. All P.E. clothes as well as plimsoles must be labelled clearly with your child’s first and last name.


Only studs can be worn to school. No hoops. All other jewellery must be removed e.g. necklaces, bracelets and watches.

Parent/child sessions

Each half term Reception will hold a parent/child session. These provide an opportunity for parents to come into class and work with their child. You will be informed of when these are held via text and also on the newsletters. Parent/Child sessions are held the second last Thursday.

Guide on the Side and Weekly Homework

Each half term your child will receive their Guide on the Side to complete based on the current topic. Please look out for a letter that explains this. We will place a copy on our Parent Information Board just by our door if you miss it. Starting later on this term each Friday your child will bring home their weekly homework tasks, which need to be brought back to school on Wednesday morning.


All children’s clothing must be labelled with both first name and surname, as we do have lots of children with the same name in our classes. Please label PE kits as well as uniform.

Wet Play

Please can you bring in a suitable waterproof coat and Wellington boots (both labelled please), so that your child can take part in all activities outside, whatever the weather!


We prefer it if parents stay with their child until 8.45am, when the bell rings each morning. This allows their child to settle happily and to take part in their morning activities.  Please let us know if this is a problem, or speak to us about Breakfast Club if you think this might be useful.

Every day necessities

Children need to have a water bottle filled with water only, a book bag and a lunch box (if they are not having school dinner). These items must be brought in daily and labelled please!

School Trips

Many thanks for your support and understanding so far! Here’s looking forward to a fantastic year ahead with lots of exciting trips and events to enrich it further.