For Comic Relief this year we held a core values day at school.  The children combined exploring the Herringham Core Values with the reasons we give to the charity.  Children dressed in Comic Relief noses, headband boppers and t-shirts and were mixed into Core Values classes along with their siblings.  We celebrated selling out of the Red Noses in school, giving Comic Relief £250 for the sales, with a whole school dance in the playground. You can view the video below.

As part of Core Values day we participated in a range of team building exercise that encourage communication, resilience, demonstration and many other important values. One of these exercises was called ‘the human knot’ where children had to stand in a circle, holding both hands with someone opposite them, and then work together to untangle themselves without letting go of hands. Another involved standing in a circle, linking hands and manoeuvring a hoop around the circle without letting go of hands (or talking!!) – children had to support one another and solve problems in silence using non-verbal cues.

Overall children really enjoyed the day and working with children from a different key stage.  Miss Reynolds.



comic relief pic 1




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