The digital world can be dangerous. We urge you to read the following pieces of guidance and to act, ensuring your son/daughter is not taken advantage of:

There has been a recent national rise in young person’s sending explicit photos to one another. This is known as SEXTING. Aside from the fact that this is deemed as child pornography and completely illegal.  If a pupil is receiving or sending these from a phone which is contracted to the parent, then the parent will be liable to the offence. This is very serious and we are educating your children about this at Herringham Primary Academy. Be sure you know how the children in your care are using their electronic equipment and what they are using it for.

Recent safeguarding updates have highlighted serious concerns around a number of apps available on your children’s mobile phones which are specifically aimed at teenagers. The ones highlighted in red are a serious concern and ones in which we believe your children are at risk of sexual exploitation. Police intelligence suggests that the apps in red are the most prominent apps used by adults looking to groom young children:

We urge you to take the time to watch the following video:


Making you children’s phones and devices safe

Two apps you can download on your children phones to help control their use:

Screen limit - https://www.screenlimit.net/

Ourpact - http://ourpact.com/

Putting the apps above on your children phones will give you control over the apps and usage ensuring they stay safe.

How to make some apps ‘safer’ to use:

Snap chat have recently launched an aspect to their app which allows people to see where their friends are at anytime. It is called ‘SnapMaps’ and from working with the students at Herringham we know that many students will quite often have friends that they do not know on their snapchat, or people that they have never met. If you put two and two together then you are presenting a stranger with your position at any time of the day.

To turn off this feature - you should put your son/daughters snapchat into ghost mode:

Go to the Snap Map homepage and in the top right hand corner you will see a cog or the usual setting symbol, to change your location sharing setting you can click on this. Then switch on Ghost Mode.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a majority of the apps Previously discussed all have an option for private mode. They also all have a way of hiding the location of the person using the app. Please ensure you know if your children are protected in this way. Most of the apps above allow people to track your location, please turn this off so you children are not tracked.

Something else we are concerned about at Herringham…

Creating songs/ messages about other pupils – posting them online.

At times we find a video or a song which has been constructed to be abusive towards another student and has been uploaded to YouTube for the world to see. The pupil thinks it’s funny and so does a lot of his/her followers.

The targeted pupil however does not find it so funny. This is a form of cyber bullying and will not be taken lightly as the consequences of such an action could be huge. We ask as parents that you educate your son/daughter on the importance of not being part of such an act even if it means joining in to watch it. It is a form of harassment and we would call the police in such a circumstance.

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