EAL – English as an additional language provision at Herringham Primary Academy

EAL learners are a very diverse group. The government definition of an EAL learner includes anyone who has been exposed to a language other than English during early childhood ‘and continues to be exposed to this language in the home or in the community’. This includes, for example:

  • new arrivals from abroad who speak little or no English
  • children or young people from other countries who are in the UK for a limited time, for example if they have a parent who is studying here, who have been educated in an English-medium school abroad and are fluent in several languages
  • young people who were born in the UK and speak English most of the time at home and school, but who also speak another language occasionally to extended family members.

The Gateway Learning Community is a partnership of multicultural schools in Tilbury and Chadwell St. Mary that are working together with students from 40 different countries in attendance. Our students come from a wide variety of backgrounds. As well as our British population, we count among our numbers: EU Migrants; Refugees; those seeking asylum; and British-born children who speak a language other than English at home. Around 45 different languages are spoken by our students across the GLC. We recognise the difference in children’s backgrounds and circumstances and offer support through a fusion of taught English lessons, focused intervention sessions, in-class support, differentiated resources and personalised curriculums. We believe that our approach allows each of our students to access an enjoyable, useful and successful school experience.

Our aim at Herringham Primary Academy is to welcome, value and support our EAL children and their families. All teaching staff are aware of the need to provide an education for all of the pupils in their classrooms and have an inclusive curriculum. We have created a welcoming environment and ethos that includes establishing strong links with parents/carers and their communities. The home languages of our EAL students are valued. We feel that having children who speak many different languages enriches our school community.

We currently have 98 children EAL (24.2%). Languages children either exposed to from birth or additional language spoken at home:

Members of the EAL team at Herringham Primary Academy:

EAL Lead – Mrs S Curtis

GLC EAL Coordinator – Mrs K FrenchWe are also lucky enough to have other staff across Herringham Primary Academy and the GLC who are not part of the team, but who are happy to assist us in our work. They speak Polish, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Lithuanian, Afrikaans, German, Chinese, Punjabi, Urdu, Hindi etc.  

The role of the school’s EAL department is not only to welcome, integrate and assess new arrivals, but to support and challenge them across all curriculum areas. We aim to promote English language acquisition alongside academic achievement.

Mrs Malovcova supports our EAL pupils across the school, she works with EAL pupils individually and in small groups; assess new EAL arrivals and track their progress using Thurrock EAL Assessment Pack:  Strategies for achieving QCA steps and levels and Individual EAL Pupil Record.  

Our EAL programme:

  • Pre-teach new vocabulary
  • Language wheels
  • Vocabulary Pyramids
  • Simple instructions, words around the class, weather, body parts, colours, fruit and veg, names of the week, months, etc.
  • Maths vocabulary – maths signs, numbers, mathematical operations, timetable, etc.
  • Science – Pyramids & wheels
  • Simple grammar – articles, plurals, nouns, adjectives, verbs, connectives, punctuation, tenses – present, past, future

EAL Resources:

  • My Bilingual Talking Dictionary & Talking pen – Mantralingua available in 35 dual language editions
  • 1000 Words in English
  • Project 1 Student’s book and Workbook – Tom Hutchinson
  • Dictionaries
  • Orchard Games

The Buddy System (EAL Buddies) – awaiting for EAL badges

Students who join Herringham Primary Academy during the term are welcome by Buddies.

EAL Buddies help / guide new children who join our community, where English is not their first native language. The EAL Buddy has good social skills and responds well to being given responsibility. They have strong speaking and listening skills, and are willing to learn about new languages and cultures. They are prepared for their role and clearly understand it.

EAL buddies support new arrivals settling into school routines and learning. They can show the new EAL pupil around the school, help with timetable information and introduce the new pupil to school staff and other pupils, including those who speak the same language. Buddies can help EAL children feel included in activities and be part of break-time and lunchtime play. They are privileged to wear a special ‘Buddy Badge’. Buddies are matched up by year group and by language.