History of Our School

Herringham Primary School was opened in the late 1950s.  As the population of Chadwell St Mary grew a separate infant school was opened in 1961.  The original infant building was burnt down and the present one was re-opened in 1986.  In April 2004 the infant and junior schools were merged to create Herringham Primary School .  The previous infant school is now known as Key Stage 1, the Juniors as Key Stage 2.  Key Stage 1 is semi-open plan with the teaching areas grouped in pairs around the hall. 

Each pair of teaching areas has a set of toilets and a cloakroom with doors leading into the school from the playground.  The reception/early years classes have their own secure play area with a set of doors leading directly into this play area.  Key Stage 2 has separate classrooms and a much larger hall.  During the 06/07 academic year, a new building was opened to link Key Stage 1 and 2.

Mrs Reid became Headteacher in February 2007 and was promoted to Executive Principal serving both Herringham Primary Academy and Manor Primary School (now known as Tilbury Pioneer Academy) in January 2014. 

Mrs Otto, our Deputy Headteacher since September 2007, was promoted to Head of School at Herringham Primary Academy in January 2014.

Mrs Mackinnon was once our Headteacher but sadly she passed away.  She had a memorial service which was very thoughtful.

We have a good range of teachers, most of whom have been at the school for more than 2 years.

Herringham Primary Academy is very athletic and has won many awards, such as football awards and house captain awards.  Sports day shields and District Sports cups are given every year in June or July. We also have awards for Personality of the Year and for good conduct.

Herringham logo (47 x 43)Our School Logo

Our school logo is made up of an inverted triangle and three symbols. They are as follows:

  • The book represents learning.
  • The seagull reminds us that these birds return to our site each autumn to ‘over-winter’, leaving again in spring to nest much further north.
  • The fish represents the historical aspect of the school site; the land originally belonged to Herringham – a rector of St Mary’s Church. The fish symbol is a sign used by the Christian church.